Dr. Thomas Mayes


Public Safety

Youth, Gun Violence Prevention

The increase in crime in our community is unacceptable and I want to ensure every Aurora resident can feel safe in their neighborhoods. That’s why crime prevention and reduction is my top priority. I am also committed to repairing the relationship between the community and law enforcement through educating our youth and providing more opportunities for community outreach and engagement. I want every person whether undocumented or documented to feel safe to report a crime. I want men and boys of color to be able to report a crime without feeling like their lives are at risk. I want members of law enforcement and Aurora residents alike to make it home safe to their families every night. I am a responsible gun owner however, increased access to guns is attributed to the rise in domestic violence and suicide. There is a need for incentives and safe alternatives for people to dispose of their guns and I will work to implement more gun buyback programs in the City of Aurora. I hosted two gun buyback events in 2022 taking nearly 200 guns off the street by converting them into garden tools. We can all play a part in making our city a safe place for all of us to enjoy a better quality of life.
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Jobs and Training

Workforce Development

Aurora is known for its vibrant and diverse community. Recognizing the importance of representation and inclusivity within our crucial public safety institutions, I believe we need to take bold steps toward providing education and outreach to graduating high school seniors and access to job training for seasoned workers who may be interested in the trades or civil service. I will work in collaboration with workforce development organizations to enhance targeted outreach programs for recruitment in the Aurora Police and Fire Departments and trade union apprenticeship programs. I will make sure our city is committed to providing everyone with the opportunity to thrive and building a workforce that truly reflects the rich tapestry of it residents.
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Affordable Housing


Every person deserves access to safe and affordable housing. I will work to address the issue of access to affordable housing by creating a more inclusive and equitable city through partnerships with local organizations that offer financial assistance to families in need of rental assistance, advocacy groups that provide education and resources for a pathway to homeownership, and lending institutions that can meet the needs of our diverse population. In addition, I want to increase the availability of affordable housing options by working with developers and incentivizing the construction of affordable housing projects. It’s the city’s job to ensure development has positive results for ALL of its residents.
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